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Based on Chinese massage techniques and an integration of modern technology concept. EULUX PRO-PHYSIO 3D zero gravity space capsule massage chairs represents a combination of space capsule seat technology, amazing mechanical design and pneumatic massage technique.

Far Infrared Sauna Room

Less than 20% of infrared energy heats the air, while over 80% directly translates into body heat. So you can spend longer in a Far Infrared Sauna than a conventional sauna, time spent with greater efficiency. with even-heating Nano-Carbon technology, luxury construction, reliability, comfort and elegant design.

HomePro CS-3800 Steam Cleaning System combines high pressure (4 bar) steam jet cleaning function & Wet & Dry Vacuum function and can works together at the same time.

Power Surf Board

Our Kajiki jet surfboard is the best choice for the extreme sports enthusiast who likes challenging his limits. The surfboards are purely understood what the players need.
Firstly, the high-speed driving requirements are considered. Perfectly,the standard of 152CC 4 stoke engine provides the thrilling riding- experience in term of achieving the maximum 40 km per hour.


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